Visions – Lyna Azzouz

Artist Description: I recently completed an elective rotation with the Cornea service in our ophthalmology department where I was inspired to draw this creative take on the cross-section of the anterior segment of the eye. This concept came to me after hearing many of my patients’ life stories and experiences. The eye may be a small organ, but its complexity is on par with the complexities of the patient’s life: every eye has seen countless faces and sceneries, has conveyed innumerable emotions, and has helped the soul it carries leave its imprint on the world. The sunset scenery I painted also symbolizes my personal philosophy: the eye is not simply the window to the soul, it is the window to a whole world.

Download a copy of Visions – Lyna Azzouz

Bio: Lyna Azzouz is a fourth-year medical student at the University of Michigan and currently applying for ophthalmology residency. I was born and raised in Algeria (North Africa) and moved to the US at the age of 15. My passions include art, narrative medicine, medical education reform, and health advocacy.