Dry Eye – Antonio Yaghy, MD

Artist Description: Dry eye disease is a common condition with a recent rise in prevalence after millions of people worldwide were forced to stay at home and work remotely, resulting in an overall increase in screen time. In this digital painting, I tried to artistically depict dry eye by integrating desiccated twigs and branches of trees in winter on a human iris. I also used fiery colors in an attempt to illustrate the burning sensation patients with dry eye experience daily. 

Download a copy of Dry Eye – Antonio Yaghy, MD

Bio: Antonio Yaghy, MD completed two years of research in ocular oncology at Wills Eye Hospital and is currently applying for ophthalmology residency. He finds happiness in sitting down during his free time and creating digital artwork related to medicine and ophthalmology. His other works were selected for publication in three issues of the AMA Journal of Ethics/American Medical Association.