Submission Guidelines: Submissions are reviewed anonymously by physicians and students on our Board of Directors. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please tell us as soon as your work is accepted elsewhere. Please do not submit previously published work. All interested authors and artists should take note of the guidelines below:

WHO: Healthcare workers, including but not limited to ophthalmologists, residents/fellows, medical students, optometrists, nurses, as well as caregivers and patients are welcome to submit original pieces to JNV.


Submissions can include:

-Non-Fiction (personal narratives and reflection pieces), up to 3500 words

-Fiction, Short Stories, up to 5000 words

-Poetry, generally no longer than two pages

-Visual Art (paintings, photographs, prints, etc.), not exceeding 1MB in a single email when submitting multiple files

-Audio or Visual Multimedia

Submission Requirements:

-include your name, email, address, institution (if applicable), and role (physician, medical student, caregiver, patient, etc.) in a separate cover letter but NOT on the document itself

-use 12 point times new roman font

-double space all documents

-attach all written pieces as Word documents

-attach visual art as .jpg or .png files

Sample topics:

-reflections on healing those with vision problems and caring for the blind

-narratives on global health missions

-the role of ophthalmologists in identifying systemic illness (diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease, etc.)

-the effect of technology on restoring eyesight

-general practitioners’ experience with patients who present with eye issues

WHEN: Submissions to JNV are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year.

WHERE: All submissions should be emailed to, with the Subject “JNV Submission, Genre, Year”.

You may submit up to 2 prose, 3 poetry, and 8 visual art submissions at a time. If submitting more than one piece, you may send pieces of the same genre in one email. For example: If sending two poems, please attach both pieces in the same email. If sending one prose and one poetry submission, please send separately, noting the genre in the subject line.

PATIENT PRIVACY: JNV adheres to legal and ethical guidelines in accordance with the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). All contributors should change identifiable information such as patient names and seek permission from patients to publish their stories whenever possible.

RIGHTS: By submitting your work, you affirm that you are the sole author or artist. If your work is accepted for publication, JNV acquires the right to circulate and publish it on its website, as well as for promotional purposes.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and will reply within 6-8 weeks of receipt.

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