Eye surgery – Antonio Yaghy, MD

About this piece: In the past two years, I’ve had the chance to attend and observe hundreds of eye surgeries and procedures. The intricacy of the procedures and their outstanding outcomes inspired me to complete this abstract painting using the style of the famous Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky. In this painting, I’ve included a number of tools used in ophthalmic surgery: a needle, a scalpel, a caliper, sutures… and combined them in one colorful piece along with several other shapes and forms, leaving the rest of the interpretation to the viewer’s imagination.  

Download a copy of Eye surgery – Antonio Yaghy, MD

Bio: Antonio Yaghy MD graduated from Lebanon. He completed a second year of research in ocular oncology at Wills Eye Hospital and is currently applying for residency. He finds happiness in sitting down during his free time and creating digital artwork related to medicine in general and ophthalmology in particular. His other works were selected for publication in three issues of the AMA Journal of Ethics/ American Medical Association.