Two Eyes Open – Timothy Baerg

One eye on the left, one eye to the right
One eye is shut closed, one eye sees the light.
Eye One sees the light: the pupil opens wide,
It puts him in daze, and then he starts to cry.
These tears will cleanse the eye, these tears will show the heart.
The light reminds Eye One, that sight is like an art.
He knows that through the light, he’s no longer in prison.
He knows that seeing beauty is not the same as vision.

He knows… Oh he knows…
To evaluate, perpetrate, activate, concentrate, captivate, yes
He knows……
Never retaliate, infiltrate, speculate, penetrate, invalidate.

He tells Eye Two to look. Eye Two says, “No!”
He says he likes the dark; he doesn’t feel exposed.
Eye One says, “Don’t be scared, I promise it won’t hurt,
A plant can only grow, after it leaves the dirt!
Imagine big white clouds, harpooned through orange sun rays.
You won’t be left alone, if we both share the gaze!”
“But you don’t hear me, One! What if we don’t synchronize?
“Our views are different ones, we’re not a pair of eyes!”

One thinks…. Oh he thinks…
He’s not good enough, skin’s too tough, life is rough, he’s had enough
Yes, he thinks…
He’s afraid inside, life’s a lie, in disguise, too demised, ruined inside.

“One, you might be right. But what if the view isn’t better…”
“But how are we to know, if we don’t work together?
Just slip that eyelid up, and imagine a light so stark:
You were made for light, you were not made for dark!

If you open up, you will learn your purpose
Believe in your yourself now, and it will be worth it!”
Eye Two said, “Alright,. I’ll go out tonight. .
But if I fail, Eye One, I’ll never try again”.

Eye Two then opened up, and saw a world of color.
Never had he dreamed to gaze, he’d never seen such wonder!
But before he knew it now, his single gaze was done.
His vision field was that of both: his view, of Eye One.

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Bio: Timothy Baerg is a third-year medical student at the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor with a particular interest in serving marginalized populations both domestically and abroad. In an effort to realize this ambition, he encountered many roadblocks that dissuaded him from his primary objective. Like eye two, he found it easy to become comfortable with the status quo and was fearful to take a leap of faith in order to achieve his goals. Nevertheless, through sound mentorship, such as the mentorship provided by eye one, he was encouraged to collaborate with others to not only reach his goal, but to surpass it. This poem is a reflection of the value that teamwork has on maximizing potential.