On Repeat – Meleha Ahmad

OnRepeatMTA2-3 copy

About this piece: When preparing a linocut, you never know what you are going to get. Sometimes small slips or imperfections occur during the carving process, which would be fatal to a regular pen-and-ink drawing. However, in printmaking, these often turn out to be the most beautiful, interesting aspects of the work, teaching an important lesson about the beauty of imperfection.

Bio: Meleha (Mel) Ahmad is a fourth year MD/MS student at NYU School of Medicine, currently completing a year of research in Ophthalmology.  She discovered her love for linocuts after she had the chance to take a continuing education class in printmaking at Rhode Island School of Design.  While the rest of the class created prints of still lives and self portraits, she chose to focus on something a little more edgy – eyes.  Only later did she realize just how much she liked the real thing.

Download a copy of On Repeat.