Kalla Gervasio, MD

ERAS Headshot

Kalla A. Gervasio, MD is one of the founding editors and Board Members of the Journal of Narrative Visions (JNV). She is currently a neuro-ophthalmology fellow at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. She completed a transitional year internship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, NY. She then completed ophthalmology residency at Wills Eye where she served as Co-Chief resident in her final year. Having majored in Classical Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, she has always valued the art of writing about and understanding the human experience. Her interest in ophthalmology stems from seeing the experiences of a close family member born with congenital cataracts. Dr. Gervasio is also one of two text editors for the 8th Edition of the Wills Eye Manual released in 2021. She aspires to be a physician-writer and developed JNV to combine her passion for writing and ophthalmology.

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